Barnes TSX .30-30 Winchester .308 150 Grain Flat Nose Flat Base Box of 50

Box of 50 BARNES Triple Shock X .30-30 caliber 150 grain Flat Nose Flat Base Lead-Free bullets. Bullet diameter is 0.308 inch, length 1.075 inch, Sectional Density 0.226, Ballistic Coefficient 0.184 lb/in2.

Barnes most popular hunting bullet

The TSX was introduced in 2003 and has become Barnes most popular hunting bullet. The TSX has gained worldwide recognition as one of the deadliest, most dependable bullets you can buy. Try these all-copper bullets and realize the added benefits of improved accuracy, reduced barrel fouling and increased velocity.

The Barnes TSX Bulletfeatures include 100-percent copper body with rings cut into the shank for pressure relief while delivering increased accuracy and dead right there performance. The instant expansion and perfect penetration ensures cleaner, quicker kills.


Barnes .30-30 Winchester 150 Grain TSX Bullet

  • Type: Flat Nose Flat Base
  • Diameter: 0.308 Inch
  • Weight: 150 Grains
  • Length: 1.075 Inch
  • Sectional Density: 0.226
  • Ballistic Coefficient: 0.184 lb/in2
  • Quantity: 50 bullets per box?

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Barnes TSX .30-30 Winchester .308 150 Grain Flat Nose Flat Base Box of 50

Brand: Barnes
Product Code: BA-30334
Reward Points: 43
Only Ships to: United States
Availability: Only 1 Left! Don't miss it!

MSRP: $42.99
MPN: 30334
Alt MPN: 30820
Material: Copper
Color: Copper
Condition: New
Country of Origin: United States
Package Quantity: 50
UPC: 716876308200
Shipping Restrictions: Can not ship to Massachusetts or international
Carrier Restrictions: No
DOT Regulated: No
Calibers: .30-30 Winchester
Bullet Type: Flat Nose Flat Base
Bullet Coating: None
Bullet Weight: 150 Grains
Bullet Length: 1.075 Inches
Bullet Diameter: 0.308 Inches
Sectional Density: 0.226
Cannelure: No
Ballistic Coefficient (G1): 0.184
Lead Free: Yes
CA Certified Nonlead: Y

  • $42.99

  • Price in reward points: 2580

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