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Cast Minie Bullets as fast as Round Balls

Lee Precision Mini Bullet

 Lee Precision Minie Bullet Mold

Automatic Core Pin Mold. Open the mold upside down to empty. Close it and you're ready to cast the next. The core pin automatically centers in the mold. Easily cast 200 per hour. A quality mold built to last as long as your rifle.
Complete With Handles and Automatic

Original Style Lee Precision Minie Bullet


Improved mini bulletImproved Lee Precision Minie, Traditional Design

Improved design is easier to cast and load. Usually more accurate; a wider variety of sizes


Modern mini bulletLee Precision Modern Minie, Target Design

The most accurate of all Minies. Makes nice, clean holes in the target. The first choice for higher scores.


Round ballLee Precision Round Ball Molds


Have tangential cut off which eliminates the objectionable nib at the sprue.



REAL bullet for muzzleloadersLEE REAL Bullet for Muzzleloaders


A solid bullet that loads easily even after many firings because of its unique cleaning action. Will not tumble. A perfect hunting bullet with heavy loads. Easy to cast. Shoots accurately even in greatly oversize barrels.


Combo mold with handlesLee Precision Combo Molds with handles

This double cavity mold will cast one 45 Cal. 200 R. E. A. L bullet and one 440 diameter Round Ball.


This double cavity mold will cast one 50 Cal. 320 R. E. A. L bullet and one 490 diameter Round Ball.

Rifling . Engraved . At . Loading.

The driving bands are large enough to adequately engage the rifling when pushed into the muzzle, and thin enough to withstand maximum charges without stripping or gas cutting.

Unique Cleaning Action. You can shoot all day without cleaning your rifle between shots! When inserted into the muzzle, tiny scraping edges are swagged forward on each driving band.

These perfect fitting scrapers remove the fouling from the previous shot.

Easier, Faster to Load.

Its easy to load straight and true, easier and faster than a round ball with patch. Easily stabilized with very light charges, the R. E. A. L. bullet also retains accuracy with maximum loads. Each band is generously tapered to the rear with an angle close to that of a lathe center, so as to center the bullet against the rifle bands. When pushed in, the bullet automatically centers in the bore. More Accurate. The bevel base of the R. E. A. L. bullet contributes to greater accuracy. When the bullet exits the bore, the gas escapes equally around the perimeter of the base. The uniform bevel is resistant to nicks that would permit gas to escape prematurely and cause a jet effect on one side of the bullet.

For black powder revolvers

Black powder revolverConical bullet


Lee Precision Conical Bullet Mold

A super accurate bullet that is easy to load straight and true. Two lube grooves prevent flash ignition and lead fouling. More energy and far greater accuracy than round balls.

Caution symbolWARNING

Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm and cancer. See instructions on Reducing Exposure supplied with product.

Shotgun slug moldLEE SHOTGUN Molds

Make your own slugs for just pennies!

Load slugs for less than standard trap loads. The Lee Precision Drive Key (patent rights reserved) slug is loaded in a standard trap hull with a standard wad and conventional folded crimp. Slug loads are produced with any standard shot shell reloading press. Lee Precision Slug Mold features the exclusive drive key. The drive key positively rotates the slug in rifled shotgun barrels. The key doubles as a support rib allowing use of a standard trap wad - no need for a support wad or base filler. Sabot wad design outperforms rifled slugs in rifled slug barrels. Velocity and accuracy meet and exceed expensive factory loaded rifled slugs. Molds feature self centering automatic core pins for maximum speed and convenience. Mold is complete with sprue plate, handles and complete instructions with suggested loads. Best of all, they're priced at what others charge for handles alone!


Shot shell and slug

Buckshot moldLee Precision 18 Cavity Buckshot bullet Mold

New eighteen cavity 00 Buckshot mold. Precision-machined mold produces 18 linked pellets per cast. No need to individually count pellets simply snip three strands into your 12 gauge shell. Each cast produces enough pellets to load two 12 Gauge shotshells.

Handles shown, not included.

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