Tufoil Lubit-8 is a versatile, general-purpose lubricant that prevents rust and acts as a cleaning agent. It can stop locks from freezing or penetrate deeply to free frozen nuts and bolts. Lubit-8 extends the service life of precision bearings. It leaves no oily residue, is compatible with all oils and greases, and remains stable from -60 to +500F. Its remarkable lubricity and protective qualities will last almost indefinitely. Its dependability and convenient applicator make it indispensable in your work place or plant.

Lubit-8 is now available in two styles of oilers: the 1/2 ounce handy oiler with a snub nose tip and the 1/4 ounce pen oiler with a hypodermic-type needle nose for getting into tight areas with extreme precision.

Please be aware of counterfeit products on the market. Other manufacturers are trying to benefit from Fluoramics decades of work in developing the very best all-purpose PTFE lubricant.  These counterfeit products are not always easy to detect but are not produced by Fluoramics or under its control. Please be sure your product says it is manufactured by Fluoramics and has the Tufoil or Tufoil Technology logo.

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