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Bullet Casting and Case Lubricant



Case Neck Lubricator

Using fine powdered mica to lubricate the inside of the case mouth is faster and more convenient than using a liquid lubricant. After the body of the case has been lubricated, simply dip the case mouth in the mica, run it over the brush, and it is ready for the sizing die. Includes 1/10th oz of finely powdered mica.






Case Lubricant, 8 Oz Spray Pump

This convenient, fast-drying liquid provides quick lubrication of the case body before re-sizing.





CleanCast Lead Fluxing Compound

Lead fluxing made easy. No more using rosin, paraffin, tallow, bullet lube, and other homemade concoctions. CleanCast is non-smoking, odor-free, and it really works. Only a small amount is necessary to prepare even a 20-pound lead pot for bullet production. Separates dross from your valuable bullet alloy and improves the consistency of the melted lead to eliminate variability during your casting session. Works great with Lee Precision Melters like the Lee Production Pot IV and Lee Magnum Melter.






Drop Out

The modern way to "smoke" your bullet molds. Applied to the cavities of a cold, clean bullet mold, Frankford Arsenal Drop Out literally allows the just-cast bullets to "drop-out" with no tapping or pounding. 6 oz aerosol.


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