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Bullet Molds


Mold blocks

ALL LEE Mold Blocks are made from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities. The mold cavities are lathe bored for unmatched roundness and size control. Only Lee Precision guarantees roundness of .001 or less. Most bullets from Lee Precision molds can be used as cast without sizing.

Meet Some Satisfied Customers!

Ricky F. from Taylors, SC:
My cousin and I are reloaders. I use FMC bullets sometimes but mostly I use your molds to mold my bullets, they are great. Your bullet molds mold bullets so accurate at weight and round and are very smooth. When you look at factory bullets, Winchester, Remington, Federal they are so wrinkled, other brands too. Lee Precision molds and my knowledge make the perfect bullet. Your molds cost less than others, are light weight, heat up quickly and come with the handles. Keep up the good work.

Henry O. from Ontario, Canada:
First of all, let me thank you. You've simplified both bullet casting and bullet lubing. It all started in Nov. of 1992 when I purchased your Tumble Lube 430-240-SWC aluminum mold for a price of $23.60 Canadian. I own several cast iron molds but this was my first aluminum mold. I cleaned them, smoked the cavities and lubricated the necessary parts. The mold was brand new and much to my surprise, after only 11 fillings I was producing perfect bullets. I couldn't believe it. It couldn't be this easy, but it was. I haven't used a cast iron mold since. My second surprise was your liquid alox bullet lubricant for which your tumble lube bullets were designed for. I was a bit hesitant about using the liquid alox as I knew of no one else who used this product. Again, I thought it couldn't be this easy. Lastly came the test. I loaded 100 rounds behind xx grains of Hercules Bullseye powder and fired them from 25 yards in my Smith & Wesson Model 29, 44 magnum 8 3/8" barrel. Accuracy was excellent but I expected to find a barrel full of lead fouling. Again I was surprised, very little leading. I haven't inserted another hollow stick of lube in my RCBS Lubamatic since. I have since purchased your Tumble Lube bullet molds in 38, 9mm and 45 with equal satisfaction. am extremely satisfied with your tumble lube bullets and the liquid alox bullet lube. Congratulations on these fine products.

Lee Precision Single Cavity Mini Molds


Double Cavity Molds

All molds for pistol calibers are double cavity to speed casting. Handles and sprue plate are included.

Hollow Base Molds

These are available in single cavity only. They all have self centering automatic core pins for the fastest possible molding. Handles and sprue plate are included.

Six Cavity Commercial Quality Molds

These are made for heavy duty volume production. The mold and blocks have steel bushing and alignment pins for lasting precision. Price includes a cam operated sprue plate to eliminate the pounding common to ordinary molds. The sprue plate is hard anodized and held down with wave washers at each end. No finer mold can be purchased at any price. Handles extra.

Mold handles

Mold Handles

Precision steel mold handles fit not only the Lee Precision Six Cavity blocks, but most other brands of one and two cavity molds. Priced low enough so you can have a set for every pair of blocks.

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Mold number code 

Micro band bulletMicro Band Bullets
usually require no sizing

Designed for liquid tumble lubricating.

A great innovation possible only because of Lee Precision Liquid Alox Lubricant.

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Hardness Testing Kit Featured product in Chapter 10 of Modern Reloading. No more wasted components shooting too soft or too hard lead. Cast and load with confidence knowing your alloy is up to the job. Quickly and precisely check hardness of your lead alloy. Exclusive conversion chart tells the maximum operating pressure of any lead alloy.

Kit includes:

  • Calibrated hardened steel ball indenter
  • "v" block cradle snaps into standard press ram
  • 20 power 4 lens optical measuring microscope



WARNING Caution symbol

Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm and cancer. See instructions on Reducing Exposure supplied with product.

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