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Portrait of Travis Peacock reloading writerThe Newbies Guide


"How I learned to reload my own ammo without blowing myself up"


A regular column about reloading by Travis Peacock

Are you new to reloading? Then you've come to the right place. Follow the adventures of fellow Newb, Travis Peacock, as he learns about reloading and hones his reloading skills.

Travis, shown at his home-built reloading bench in the photo at right, shares his reloading experiences through periodic articles. See what reloading is like from the perspective of an enthusiastic but completely inexperienced reloader. Share his excitement at discovery and learn with him as he recounts his journey from complete novice to accomplished reloader.

Travis writes in a comfortable, conversational style directly to the begining reloader because he is one. He uses new equipment currently available from FS Reloading so he revels in the same joys of discovery and suffers the same headaches as you will while wondering "What were those @#$!%@$# engineers thinking when they dreamt up that #@$%#$ thing.

Travis is no expert, but in this case that's a good thing. If there's a way to fumble things up, Travis will find it, so you can be sure: if Travis can do it, you can too. Join Travis on his journey of discovery as he learns how to Reload his own ammo without blowing himself up.

Newbies Guide

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