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Lee Breech Lock Classic Cast Press

Lee Precision Breech Lock Classic Cast Press

You don't need this fine a press to reload ammo--
but it sure is nice


Quick change bushing installed on die Breech lock die inserted in press Resizing with Breech Lock Classic Cast press

Breech Lock BushingLee Precision Breech Lock Quick Change Bushings

Pack of (2) Lee Precision Breech Lock Quick Change Bushings


Lock Ring Eliminator

Lock-Ring Eliminator

Pack of (2) Breech lock quick change bushings with integral lock collar provides unmatched precision and convenience when adjusting dies. Split clamp positively locks die into position. Perfect when using other brands of dies in your Breech lock press

Lock Ring Eliminator in use


Breech Lock Classic Cast Press

Lee Precision Breech Lock Classic Cast Press

Shipping October 15 2010, this is the press you have been asking for. Based on the proven design of the Classic Cast, the new Breech Lock series adds the quick-change die bushing. Cast iron construction with all steel linkage. Durable powder coated finish with.

Largest opening and the longest stroke in the industry

Handle is movable from right to left and length plus swing position is fully adjustable with a 48-tooth ratchet type handle clamp

The industry's largest 1 1/8" diameter ram is guided by over twelve square inches of ram bearing surface.

Lee Precision Lever Prime System features bottom of stroke priming for unmatched sensitivity.

Includes both large and small priming arms. Theres no need to fumble with tiny guides and springs when changing primer size.

Frame machined to accept Lee Precision quick-change Breech Lock Die Bushings. Change dies in an instant with a quick 1/6 turn.

Comes with 1 bushing (1).



Spent Primer CatcherSpent Primers

are collected and dropped into a flexible plastic tube for easy emptying.

Largest opening in the industry and the longest stroke--yet the handle is adjustable to provide the least handle travel of any press. Rigid cast iron construction in a classic "O" design for maximum strength.

Baked powder coating is durable and makes the Classic Cast a handsome addition to any reloading bench.

Adjustable handle is movable from right to left. The start and stop position is adjustable with a 48 tooth ratchet type handle clamp. In addition, the handle length is completely adjustable.

Shorten when you're loading handgun and short rifle cases. Large flat cored base with 3 mounting holes mounts solid to any bench.

Primer Feed installed on Classic Cast PressPrimer Feed for Classic Cast


Lee Precision Classic Turret PressLee Precision Classic Turret Press

This press has all the features of the award-winning Turret Press with quality touches that make this the finest, most convenient press to own. The Classic Turret features the solid steel linkage of the Lee Precision Classic Cast. Your first stroke of the hardwood gripped lever will convince you this is one, solid silky smooth press! The sturdy iron base shows its Classic Cast roots.

The long stroke allows rifle cases over three inches long to be loaded using the automatic index. Deactivate the Auto-Index and cases as long as the monster 50 BMG can be loaded. The rigid cast iron frame supports the ram with over 12 square inches of area. The industry's largest ram is drilled completely through to dispense primers in an attached clear PVC tube. Every primer is caught--guaranteed.

Instant change turrets are the same as the famous Lee Precision Under-Size Mandrel .282. The Classic Turret uses the new Lee Precision Lever Primer System (LPS) and the Lee Precision Safety Prime tool makes priming on the press a delight.

If you like to own the best, then treat yourself to the Lee Precision Classic Turret. The finest reloading system made.


Lee Precision 50 BMG Factory Crimp DieLee Precision 50 BMG Factory Crimp Die


Lee Precision Classic Cast 50 Caliber BMG Press KitLee Precision Classic Cast 50 Caliber BMG Press Kit

At last, an affordable way to reload the monster 50 BMG. This kit includes everything you need to start reloading the 50 -- the Lee Precision Classic Cast press, set of 50 BMG dies, shell holder, ram prime tool and tube of case sizing lube. Kit also includes shell holder insert, large and small primer arms and die reducer bushing to accept standard 7/8-14 dies so you can load all your smaller cartridges. All this for less than what others charge for dies alone.


50 BMG Ram Prime Tool50 BMG Ram Prime Tool

50 BMG Die Set50 BMG Die Set 1 1/4-12 Thread


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