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Lee Collet Dies

Lee Precision Collet Die Set

Guaranteed to load the most accurate ammunition
or your money back!

Collet die set


Die set includes:

  • Collet neck sizing die
  • Dead length bullet seating die
  • Shell holder
  • Powder measure
  • Charge table
  • Storage box


The patented, world record setting Collet Neck Sizing Die is teamed up with the patented, Lee Precision Full Length Sizing Die! There is no loading system that will load more accurate ammunition than the Lee Precision Collet Die. No one but Lee Precision has ever dared to make a guarantee like this - Smallest group size or your money back. In addition to the guaranteed accuracy, you will extend your case life ten times, no lubrication is required and dead length bullet seating. If you're like most reloaders, you have a ready source of empty cases that were fired in another gun. In the past, you had to purchase a full length resizing die set separately to use this brass. Not any more - the Deluxe Die Set includes the full length die. And all this for less than others charge for a standard die set

  • No case lubrication required
  • Reduces or eliminates case trimming
  • Increases case live by up to ten times
  • Unmatched speed and convenience
  • Minimum bullet runout

Lee Precision Collet Die Set




There is no loading system that will load more accurate ammunition than Lee Precision Collet Dies.
  Lee Precision guarantees it in writing with every set.
No one but Lee Precision has ever dared to make a guarantee like this:


A collet squeezes the case neck against a precision mandrel for a perfect fit with minimum run-out. No case lube is needed. Cases last up to ten times longer, so the savings on only 35 cases will pay for the dies. Maximum accuracy is usually achieved by seating the bullet out far enough to touch or almost touch the rifling. This provides the shot start pressure normally supplied by the crimp. Thats why a dead length bullet seater is included to complete the most accurate reloading system ever made.These dies size only the neck to preserve the perfect fit of fire forming. Only reload cases that have been fired in your gun.

Not recommended for auto loaders, slide or lever action guns.

Meet Some Satisfied Customers!

Leo writes:
I am pleased to report a new "personal best" 3-shot group at a distance of 200 meters. The ammunition used was put together using your custom collet die & dead length bullet seater. This occurred during load development for upcoming silhouette competition.

Norm B. from Ontario, Canada:
I attended an NBRSA Shoot at the Fair chance Gun Club in Pennsylvania April 21 & 22, 1990 and used a set of your Collet dies, custom-made for my 6mm PPC with a 40 degree shoulder and a .263 neck diameter. I neck-sized in the neck-sizing Collet die and appreciated its easy adjustability for tightening up loosened necks in much reloaded brass. My bullets were seated using your dead-length seating die. In the heavy varmint 100 yard competition on Saturday, shooting conditions were good and I shot the smallest 5 group aggregate of my career. Range measure at .2008". This was good for third place in a group of around 65 top shooters. In the light varmint 100 yard competition in the afternoon the wind picked up a little and the groups shifted off the center of the target. My .2230" aggregate score for 5 groups was good for second place, just .0012" out of first place. Your dies performed as good as or better than the hand dies that I have been using. They are more convenient to use in some ways and treat the case necks less harshly. No competitor should feel at a disadvantage using your Collet dies even though others around them stick to the more costly hand dies.

 Robert Frey smashes world record with Lee Precision Collet Dies

Robert Frey world record setterWhile competing in a regular sanctioned 1000 Yard Match on July 25th, 1993, Robert Frey established a new 1000 yard world record. Were honored he used the Lee Precision Collet Die to reload his record setting ammunition.

World record breaker Robert Frey comments: "The Lee Precision Collet Neck Sizing Die enables me to get top accuracy from my rifles (match and hunting). The design principle of sizing the case neck to a mandrel is unmatched for accuracy potential by any other dies.It is one of the best ways to make all of my rifles shoot their tightest groups."


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