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Lee Loader

Lee Precision LoaderThe Classic Lee Precision Loader

You owe it to yourself to own and try one of these famous tools. This was the first complete reloading kit ever offered. Millions upon millions of rounds have been reloaded with the famous Lee Precision Loader. This is the perfect tool for those who wish to try reloading because it will pay for itself in just an hour or two. Or if you are looking for a portable kit to reload at the range or in the field, the Lee Precision Loader is just what you've been seeking.

Each kit includes all the tools you need to begin loading one caliber. Accuracy is better than most tools because it only sizes the case neck. Ammunition loaded with a Lee Precision Loader has held the Guinness World record for over seven years.


Note: 30M1 Carbine, 44 Magnum, .45 Auto and 45 Colt require considerable force for sizing.

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