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Lee Precision presses all have compound leverage which permits full length sizing the largest magnum cases with ease. All have built in spent primer catchers and a baked on epoxy finish. All include individual detailed instructions for proper use in loading ammunition. Make your selection according to need; based on price, speed and convenience. For even greater bargains, consider the kits on the Reloading Kits page.

Heres What One Satisfied Customer Writes About Lee Precision Presses!

Charles B from Ft. Walton Beach, FL:
I am writing this to tell you what a fine product line you have. I have been using a LEE press for over two years. This year alone I have loaded over ten thousand rounds without a single problem with the press. The only problem I have had with any Lee Precision product is the powder measure. The screws strip out the plastic holes of the hopper when I change the disks. As a note of interest I recently competed in the Louisiana State USPSA/IPSC Championship. I placed first in my class using bullets loaded with LEE equipment. I was confident that each round was perfect and would perform as I expected. Thanks for making such good equipment.

Lee Precision turret pressLee Precision Turret Press Equipped with the Lee Lever Prime System

4 Hole Turret Press (W/O Auto Index)

Proven design with compound leverage. No spring in this turret design. The turret is locked into a solid steel ring with big rifle bolt type lugs. Patented design puts the lugs on the circumference so there can be no tipping. The linkage is so powerful that the largest magnum cases are sized with ease. Effort required is so small that the usual heavy bench is not essential. 


By popular demand the Turret Press is now available with a four station turret. This welcome upgrade allows you to install your Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die, taper crimp die in the press. A simple conversion kit (below) is available if you want to add this feature to your 3-hole press.


Update kit for pre-2006 presses



Everything required to Add primer feed-includes both large and small Safety Primer Feed

with Steel Connecting Links


Holding a 4 hole turretWhy fool around with a single station press... screwing dies in and out two and three times for each caliber? No longer is it necessary to use this batch system for reloading. Now you can load a complete round with several strokes. Those who want the utmost in convenience can purchase extra turrets and never remove the dies. Simply lift out the entire turret and replace with the next caliber. Dies, shell holders and primer arm can be changed in seconds without tools.



4 hole turret



Heres what one customer had to say about the Lee Precision Under-Size Mandrel .282!

Ronald S. from Lake Village, IN:
I received your reply to my letter concerning a problem I was having with my press regarding the auto indexing. I used the paper shim method you suggested and it works like new. Honestly,I was a bit surprised to receive instruction as to how I could repair it myself. I Really appreciate that very much. As the press is approximately 8 years old and has loaded 24,000 + rounds of ammo and only used three hex ratchets, I can say they will last at least 8,000 + rounds. When the time comes for me to upgrade to a new press, there is no doubt in my mind what brand it will be. So, I would like to thank you for your time in helping me with my problem.

Breech lock challenger pressLee Precision Breech Lock Challenger

The "O" frame press by design is the strongest and by far the most popular style press. The larger than average opening allows for maximum hand clearance. The spent primer catcher is positive and allows you to route the spent primers directly to the trash can. Priming is a dream with the Lee Precision Lever Prime System. Best of all, it includes the Breech Lock Quick Change die system. Change dies instantly with a twist of the wrist, and you never have to re-adjust your die. Other features include all steel linkage with adjustable length lever. This same press costs you over twice as much from other manufacturers without all of the Challengers features.

Press includes (1) Breech Lock quick change die insert

with Steel Connecting Links


Breech Lock Quick Change Bushings

Breech lock quick change bushing 

Quick change bushing installed on a die
 Picture above
(reloading die not included)
"Breech lock bushings sold in set of 2"

Ben S. from Flagstaff, AZ:
I own several foreign military weapons and use a Lee Precision Challenger press to reload for them. To date this press has loaded over 30,000 rounds. This press has done some truly gruesome duty, such as primer pocket swaging, necking up brass, reforming brass, and it has even served as an anvil. After all this use and abuse the ram is still rock-solid in the frame and shows no sign of wear. Because of the price, I expected this press to last about as long as a Bic lighter. I am really impressed. I swear by my little Lee Precision press and recommend them to any reloader. My shooting circle gives me a lot of ribbing for using a "cheapo" press, but some of those guys are still making payments on their Dillon and Redding setups, and my ammo is as accurate as theirs is. Now whos the dummy?  

ReloaderLee Precision Reloader Press

An outstanding value. Exclusive balanced lever that cant drop down to pinch your fingers. Unlimited hand clearance that only a "C" frame can offer. Works equally well with the right or left hand. Even if you already own a press, an extra press is always useful for decapping, bullet seating or bullet sizing.

Lee Precision hand pressLee Precision Hand Press

The new Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press. The worlds most popular hand press, more convenient than ever, now includes the Breech Lock Quick-Change Die Feature, so you can instantly change dies with just a twist of the wrist. The Breech Lock Hand Press is a full size reloading press that tips the scale at a mere 1 3/4 pounds. It gives you plenty of stroke with lots of power to handle the largest magnum cartridges.


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