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Tipton Maintenance Supplies and Accessories

Tipton Maintenance Mats

The perfect material to lay on your workbench while cleaning or disassembling firearms. Padded neoprene construction protects firearm finishes while helping keep track of small parts. Excess oils and solvents are absorbed into the mat, keeping the surface clean and dry. The Tipton Maintenance Mat rolls easily to fit in your range box. Hand washable

Tipton Silicone Cloth

Protect your fine firearms from corrosive fingerprints and the elements. The soft cloth, impregnated with pure silicone, provides the perfect wipe down for your guns before putting them away. Protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion at extreme temperatures, and leaves a shiny, well preserved appearance. Will not evaporate or dry out. 14" x 15".

Tipton Metal Magic Gun Cloth

Non-abrasive metal cleaning cloth designed to remove carbon, lead, and burn marks from stainless and nickel-plated firearms. Use as part of regular maintenance to keep your revolver or pistol looking like new. Handy 6-3/4" x 4" size, in easy-close bag.

CAUTION: Continual rubbing can remove conventional bluing and case colors.


Tipton Cotton Inspection Gloves

Fine, heavy-duty white cotton gloves ideally suited for wear while inspecting or evaluating fine firearms, knives, swords, or expensive antiques. Prevents fingerprinting or transfer of contaminating material that can degrade the finish of new or vintage firearms and keepsakes. Excellent for collectors, appraisers, or anyone dealing in quality firearms. Package of 4 pair.

Tipton Heavy Duty Vinyl Gloves

These heavy-duty green vinyl gloves will last through several applications of strong chemicals like rust and blue remover, or any job where skin protection is recommended or required. Keep your hands free of cutting oil, lubes, preservatives, or any product that may cause skin irritation. Available in two sizes, medium and large.

Tipton Shooters Swabs

Wire-handled swabs are perfect for applications of lubes and preservatives. They also work well with solvents to scrub out recesses in receivers, bolt bodies, and other hard to reach areas. Dozens of uses. 4” long.


Tipton Action / Chamber Cleaning Tool Set

These tools are made specifically for those hard to reach areas inside the receiver of your bolt action rifle. The action cleaning tool utilizes cylindrical swabs to clean and lubricate the locking lug recesses. The chamber cleaning tool uses a mop to remove carbon and powder residue that is often left in the chamber during conventional bore cleaning. Includes both tools, a small and a large rifle chamber mop, 10 swabs, and a nylon cleaning brush.


New Tipton Tipton Magazine Cleaning Brush

Rifle and handgun magazines must be kept clean to ensure reliable feeding and proper function. This handy brush has a take down assist on the end to help remove magazine floor plates. The solvent resistant nylon bristles work great to clean single and double stack pistol magazines and well as rifle magazines.

• Magazine Take Down Tool easily remove bottom plate from a magazine
• Works on all single and double stack Magazines including AR mags, 1911 mags,
and most double stack pistol magazines
• Solvent resistant Nylon bristles

Magazine Take Down tool easily removes bottom plate using the detent hole  


Tipton Clean and Lube Brush 12 Pack

100% natural bristle brush only 1/2" wide is perfect for cleaning and lubricating small, hard to get at areas on all firearms. Use dry to sweep out dust and unburned powder. Use with solvents to loosen up more tenacious fouling. Apply lubes and preservatives to critical points in the action and trigger assembly.

Tipton Clean and Oil Brush

Fine natural bristle cleaning and oil application brush. Hundreds of soft 1-3/4" bristles, do a great job cleaning and carrying oil and preservatives to the exterior of your guns, and the hard-to-reach areas like under vent ribs.


Tipton Double End Clean Brush

Tough, double ended, solvent resistant, nylon brushes designed specifically for getting at those hard to reach spots in your firearm. Tipton's design was inspired by gun cleaning brushes used by the United States military.

  • Solvent resistant, black nylon handle
  • Solvent resistant, white nylon bristles
  • The large end holds three rows of solvent resistant, clear nylon bristles
  • The small end holds a single row of solvent resistant, clear nylon bristles

Tipton Gun Bright

Scrub off grease, grime, and rust without damaging your firearm. Amazing, all stainless steel pad is tough on rust, but gentle on bluing. Used with a penetrating oil and a gentle touch, the Gun Bright Pad is capable of sweeping away surface rust from your firearms while leaving any remaining original bluing intact. Adding a tuft to a shotgun brush quickly scours plastic and powder fouling out of your barrel. Great for removing carbon deposits and other stubborn buildups.

TIpton Gun Cleaning Picks

Here's a clever idea that belongs in every cleaning kit - Gun-Cleaning Picks. This set of four picks with different configurations on each end provide eight different combinations to get into those tight, hard to reach places. Made of high-strength polymer so they won't scratch the finest surface. Set of four picks.

• Handy tools offered only by Tipton
• Helps you reach the most important, tightest spots in your firearms
• Made of a high-strength polymer that won't scratch your gun
• Set of 4 Picks, each has a different shaped tool at each end


Tipton Choke Tube & Accessory Case

Keep your choke tubes organized and handy at all times. Protects threads from damage and deformation. This durable box will hold three full length choke tubes and has space for a 4th shorter tube Also works great to organize other small accessories such as grease, cleaning brushes, chamber mops, a tube wrench, or snap caps. Snaps closed to keep contents secure.



Tipton Snap Caps

Snap Caps have a variety of uses around the bench. It is generally accepted that one should not drop the firing pin on an empty chamber - which is the primary reason to have Snap Caps for your favorite guns. You should always use Snap Caps when checking or adjusting the trigger pull. If you prefer to release the tension on the hammer springs, when storing your guns, Snap Caps are ideal. Whatever your needs, Snap Caps are handy and inexpensive.













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