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Tipton Solvent and Solvent Supplies

Tipton Bore Solvent

Everyone knows... any amount of fouling in your bore impedes accuracy. A test was conducted to determine which bore solvent available was truly the most effective at removing fouling from your bore. This test consisted of placing a bullet (copper plated) on top of a soaked cotton patch for twelve hours. Each patch was soaked with equal amounts of the top bore solvents on the market today. As you know, bore solvents attack copper fouling in your bore, resulting in a blue discoloration on your cleaning patch. Hence, the patch in the dish that has the most blue, has been the most effective at attacking the copper (fouling). As seen below, the dish containing Tipton Truly Remarkable Bore Solvent has the bluest patch of all.

Tipton Truly Remarkable Bore Solvent™

The Tipton Truly Remarkable Bore Solvent is the most aggressive bore solvent currently available. By combining today’s advanced chemicals we have developed a bore solvent that quickly works to remove all types of stubborn fouling from your barrel, yet it remains gentle on your bore. You’ll be sure to enjoy less time cleaning and more time shooting with the amazingly fast cleaning action of this revolutionary solvent. In fact, this solvent is so good, it is a winner of the prestigious Blue-Patch test!

Tipton Flip-Top Solvent Bottles

Set of 3 High Density Polyethylene 4 oz bottles are the perfect size for use on the bench or taking to the range. Holds solvents, oils, and many other liquid products. Each bottle comes with two caps, one Flip-Top, one standard.

Tipton Pipettes, 6”, 12 qty.

All-plastic, disposable "eye droppers" are just the ticket for measuring and transferring liquid products. Great for cold bluing solutions, cutting oils, solvents, preservatives, etc. Put the product just where you want it.

Tipton Cleaning Patches

100% Cotton Flannel Patches, precisely cut to the correct size for use with Tipton Jags. When used with slotted tip, choose the next size larger for optimum performance.

Tipton Action and Chamber Cleaning Swabs

Tipton’s Action Cleaning Swabs are designed to work perfectly with the Tipton Action and Chamber Cleaning Tool Set. They easily clean grit and residue from the bolt lug recesses and the bolt raceways in the action.

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