US Law Enforcement Member Benefits

We at Factory Sales are pleased to honor current and veteran US Law Enforcement personnel. We appreciate your service which continues to protect our safety and freedom. We can never repay your sacrifice. Thanks for all you've done. We wish you well and hope you find the peace you so richly deserve.

Please accept the following simple offers as a token of our appreciation and gratitude.

Jonathan Carter
General Manager
Factory Sales

Double Reward Points

Special pricing is not available to the public

Rules and Restrictions

Who Qualifies: Anyone who has served or is currently serving in a law enforcement agency of the United States including the United States FBI, Border Patrol, State Police, Highway Patrol, County Sheriff, and City Police Departments can receive benefits under this program. To receive program benefits, you must complete a US Law Enforcement Member Application and upload a scan or photo of your Law Enforcement ID or another document that shows your affiliation. When your application has been reviewed and approved by Factory Sales, your account will be upgraded to US Law Enforcement status.

Eligible Products: Products eligible for the Customer Rewards Program are limited to items currently in stock. We reserve the right to change, limit, restrict or cancel product eligibility at our sole discretion for any reason or no reason without prior notice.

Special Pricing: Registered US Law Enforcement Members receive special, reduced prices that vary from product to product. US Law Enforcement special pricing is displayed after logging in.

Restrictions: You must be a registered customer of  to receive Special Law Enforcement Pricing, and earn and use Customer Reward Points. Customer Reward Points have no cash value and are not transferable. Reward points can only be redeemed for eligible products through the website. Reward points can not be used for shipping, taxes, import duties or any other fees associated with your purchase. There is no maximum number of points you can accumulate. The minimum number of points that can be redeemed is 1. Points earned do not expire. We reserve the right to approve, deny or revoke participation in the US Law Enforcement Member Benefits Program for any reason at our sole discretion without prior notice. We reserve the right to modify, restrict, waive, suspend or terminate this program and any of its features and benefits for any reason at our sole discretion without prior notice.

Limitations: This customer benefit program is void where prohibited by federal, state or local law. These rules set forth the entire terms of the US Law Enforcement Benefit Program. We have no other obligations beyond those described in these rules.

Tax Liability: You are responsible for any tax liability, including disclosure requirements, that may arise from your participation in the Customer Benefits Program. 

Automatic Acceptance: Your participation in the US Law Enforcement Benefits Program through ordering products at US Law Enforcement Special prices and/or redeeming reward points for products signifies your acceptance of these rules and your agreement to be bound by these rules.